“Rich Minion” by Yeat

Sometimes a hardcore street rapper, as Yeat appears to be, may decide to cross the line over into mainstream children’s fare, and the end results of such collaborations usually tend to be quite interesting, for lack of a better word. Such is actually the case with “Rich Minion”, where we find the gangsta vocalist doing his thing within the confines of Despicable Me film franchise, i.e. a group of family-friendly animated films.

So the end result basically is your standard braggadocious rap, interlaced with references to said franchise. Yeat identifies himself as a “rich Minion”, with Minions being a group of main characters that appear in the films. So for instance the Minions have their own fictional language, which can be heard in the refrain of this song. And besides for the occasional references to the film, which really aren’t that many, Yeat lets it be known for example that he got paid a million dollars – or something like that – to put together this track for the movie.

And indeed what most of the lyrics actually center on is the vocalist’s wealth and him bragging accordingly. Or viewed otherwise, the fact that he’s down with a big-name franchise like Despicable Me is indicative of Yeat being “in high demand”, as in one of the top rappers in the game, if you will. 

As the song progresses, the use of the word “Minions” also evolves into a reference to the rapper’s homeys. Indeed a minion, generally put, can be taken as a synonym for a henchman or what have you. 


By the time all is said and done, what we are actually dealing with, as alluded to earlier, is the type of boasting you would expect from an up-and-coming rapper. But that said, listeners who are actually familiar with Despicable Me would likely get an extra kick out of what’s being put forth.

Lyrics for Yeat's "Rich Minion"

Who is Yeat?

Yeat is a rapper who grew up partly in California (Irvine) and partly in Oregon (Portland). He has an interesting parentage, being half Mexican and half Romanian. As of the dropping of this track on 28 June 2022, Yeat is 22 years old and has been in the game for about seven years. 

He also has the following studio albums to his credit:

  • 2021’s “Up 2 Më”
  • 2022’s “2 Alivë”

The latter album broke the top 10 of the Billboard 200. 

“Rich Minion”

This song was created specifically for the movie Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022). However, by the looks of things, it is not featured on the official soundtrack to the film, instead being utilized in one of its trailers.  As the story goes, under normal circumstances a musician like Yeat would not be enlisted for such a task. And why? Since The Rise of Gru is part of the family-oriented and highly-successful Despicable Me animated film franchise, which has been in circulation since 2010. But said trailer was directed by Cole Bennett, who’s down with Yeat and therefore brought him onboard to render a song for the clip.

Yeat wrote “Rich Minion” with the track’s producer, an artist who goes by the name of Lotto.

The label that put this track out is Back Lot Music.

Rich Minion

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