“Rock It” by Ofenbach

This is a dance song that is primarily about the affection and admiration the singer has for his girlfriend. He uses a lot of colorful language in relation to their romance, such as referring to himself as her “dirty king”, “remedy” and “sweet lucky” and labeling her as his “nicotine”, “ecstasy”, “lovely queen” and “guillotine”. Ultimately the effect she has on his life is manifest in her giving him a “reason to believe”.

Meanwhile the chorus of the track is admonishing the listener to “get in the groove”. In other words, it is not based on the singer’s girlfriend like the verses are. Rather the wording is designed to make the audience “just whip it good”, as in get their dance on.

Quick Facts about “Rock It”

  • Elektra Records released “Rock It” on 12 April 2019.
  • “Rock It” is featured on Ofenbach’s self-titled 2019 debut EP.

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