“Run to You” by Whitney Houston

“Run to You” was initially written as a breakup song. The director for The Bodyguard movie, Mick Jackson however preferred it to be a love song. By virtue of this, the lyrics were altered. However, the title remained the same.

In this track, the singer admits that she is lonely and needs to run to her love interest. She understands that she has a lot of unstable emotions. This is possibly as a result of her past hurts. She therefore wants her love interest to be patient with her.

In the second verse, she details how on the outside she acts as though she’s strong and everything is perfect, but returns to a lonely home filled with sadness at night. Her frustration at the thought of not having a special person in her life makes her want to run to this person. She goes on to express her need for this person to be around to help her get over her fears and take away her sadness. The last line of the chorus however shows that she is unsure of this person’s reaction to her advances. Consequently, she questions if he will accept her in his arms and be with her, or simply run away from all her emotional tendencies.

“Run to You” Facts

“Run to You”, which was dropped by Whitney Houston in June 1993, was the fifth single to be released from the iconic “The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album”. The following are other prominent singles from the album:

Whitney didn’t write this classic. It was composed by Allan Rich and Jud Friedman.

After receiving lots of playtime, the song gradually became a hit and was ranked high on a number of chats, both in America and Europe.

In Britain and the United States, it peaked at numbers 15 and 31 respectively.

Are there any covers of this song?

Yes. Heather Headley, Samantha Jade, and Natalie Cole, are some singers that have recorded covers of this Whitney classic.

And talking about covers, one of the most famous covers of this classic was performed live by Christina Aguilera at the 2001 BET Awards. Aguilera’s performance was actually a tribute to the brilliant Whitney.

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