“Could I Have This Kiss Forever” by Enrique Iglesias (ft. Whitney Houston)

“Could I Have This Kiss Forever” is a powerful love song, as to be expected by the title and the artists involved. And concerning Enrique Iglesias and Whitney Houston, they are both considered class acts in the music industry. As such, all things considered, this song could, to some extent, be more precisely be classified as a lovemaking song. But with the exception of the second verse, that idea is tastefully concealed yet implied in certain parts underneath the lyrics.

And what we’re dealing with here appears to be this. After some period of courtship or what have you, now finally the two vocalists are spending a night together. And it is such an excitable event that they are wishing it could last forever. 

Or, considering that the term “lifetime” is actually used, let’s say that they are idealizing marriage or a lifelong relationship together. And even though, once again, the wording is largely passion-based, said sentiment is not derived from like a gratifying amorous experience per se. Rather, the lyrics read as if the two of them are genuinely in love.

In fact by the time the song concludes, it becomes obvious that whereas the kissing may be more literal during the early goings, later on it serves more as a symbol. And what it symbolizes is the close union between the two parties involved, which once again they are idealizing will extend way beyond this particular night.

"Could I Have This Kiss Forever"

Release Date of “Could I Have This Kiss Forever”

“Could I Have This Kiss Forever” is a song by Spanish singer, Enrique Iglesias. It had the American singer Whitney Houston as a feature. The song came out as a single on September 10 of 2000.

It is available on the following albums by Enrique:

  • “Enrique” (Released in 1999)
  • “Greatest Hits” (Released in 2008)

“Enrique” is the first English-Language album put out by the Spanish singer.

“Could I Have This Kiss Forever” is also listed on Whitney’s “Whitney: The Greatest Hits” album of 2000. The said album happens to be her first compilation album.

The song was recorded at a time both singers had never met in person. Whitney recorded hers in Germany whilst Enrique recorded in Los Angeles. The pair met for the first time when the song had to be recorded for a single release.

The song had music critics shower praises on both singers and the song’s overall production. It had a platinum certification from the Swedish Recording Industry Association as well as Gold certifications in the following countries:

  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Australia

The global acceptance of the song was enormous and this reflected on its positions on top-10 charts around the world. It peaked at No.1 in Croatia, Netherlands and Switzerland. It was No.52 in the US and No.7 in the UK. Furthermore, it also occupied enviable positions on top-10s in these countries:

  • Austria – 8
  • Belgium – 8
  • Canada – 2
  • Czech Republic – 6
  • Germany – 5
  • Iceland – 2
  • Ireland – 8
  • Italy – 6
  • Netherlands – 1
  • New Zealand – 7
  • Norway – 7
  • Poland – 4
  • Scotland – 9
  • Spain – 4
  • Sweden – 2


Diane Warren, an award winning songwriter, music producer and musician holds writing credits for the song.

It was produced by British music producers, Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling with support from their Canadian counterpart, David Foster.

“Enrique” (Album)

The album was released on 23rd of November, 1999 by Universal Music Group’s Interscope.

Five songs including “Could I Have This Kiss Forever” were released as singles from the album. The first song to be put out was “Bailamos”.

The commercially successful album sold over two million units across Europe. It was No.1 in Spain as well as Portugal. It peaked at the following positions in these countries:

“Greatest Hits” (Album)

“Greatest Hits” is a compilation album by Spanish singer, Enrique Iglesias. It was released on November 11 of 2008.

“Whitney: The Greatest Hits” (Album)

Whitney’s first compilation album, “Whitney: The Greatest Hits” was released on 16th of May, 2000.

A total of four singles were released from the album including “Could I Have This Kiss Forever”. A duet with George Michael, “If I Told You That” was the first single to be released.

Another duet with fellow American singer, Deborah Cox with the title, “Same Script, Different Cast” was released after “Could I Have This Kiss Forever” as the third single.

In 2012, news of Whitney’s death saw the album back on major charts globally. It sold almost a million copies within that year alone. As of 2022, it has sold over 8 million copies globally.

The album’s 2nd position on US Billboard top-100 charts made Whitney the first female artist to have 9 albums on that chart.  

Could I Have This Kiss Forever

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