“Shattered Dreams” by Earl Sweatshirt

“Shattered Dreams” begins with the phrase “imprecise words”, which are also uttered during the second chorus. And along that vein anyone trying to make sense of this track word-for-word may ultimately be disappointed. However, based on the title and a certain theme that runs throughout this song, it appears that Earl is addressing other rappers/associates who didn’t achieve success like he has. In other words, their dreams have been shattered through their failure to achieve fame and wealth. And as such, Earl has more or less decided to terminate his association with them.

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Quick Facts about “Shattered Dreams”

  • Earl Sweatshirt penned this song with songwriter, John Thomas, Jr.
  • Sweatshirt’s alter-ego, RandomBlackDude, is credited as the producer on this track.
  • The release date of “Shattered Dreams” was November 30, 2018. It is the first track from Sweatshirt’s third studio album Some Rap Songs.
  • With just a length of 2:21, this track is interestingly the second longest on the aforesaid album.
  • Throughout the entirety of the song, Sweatshirt doesn’t use the song’s title even once.

Did Sweatshirt make use of any samples in this song?

Yes, he did. He sampled a 1970 song of the same name by the musical group The Endeavors.

Did Earl release this as a single from Some Rap Songs?

No. The album mentioned above produced just two singles. “Shattered Dreams” wasn’t one of these singles.

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