Sheezus by Lily Allen

“Sheezus” is the title track from Lily Allen’s third studio album, released in 2014. Co-written by Allen and Greg Kurstin, “Sheezus” is a playful yet pointed commentary on the music industry and the competitive nature among female artists.

In the song, Allen name-drops various prominent female artists, including Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga. However, rather than pitting herself against them, she highlights the industry’s tendency to create rivalries among female artists. The chorus, where she playfully references wanting to be “Sheezus,” is a nod to Kanye West’s “Yeezus,” adding another layer of commentary on gender dynamics in the music industry.

Fun fact: “Sheezus” as an album marked Lily Allen’s return after a brief hiatus from music. The title track, with its clever lyrics and catchy melody, set the tone for the entire album, emphasizing Allen’s unique voice and perspective in the music world.

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