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Sleep as the goer
The bridge that watches the light speed through
And cries while the spirit stumbles
The inside missile for the protection of you

Maybe it’s silent
The voice can’t bear anymore strain
But speaks without even knowing
And streams outside in the direction of truth

There’s no reason there’s no secrets to decode
If you can’t save it, leave it dying on the road
Wide open arms can feel so cold
So cold
Feel so cold

Balance the books, the ledges, the loons
The disappointed look on the faces
That squint at the moon
Let’s see it with shadows enhanced
And then vote to decide who’ll advance
Silver jet plane, making a turn
Exciting the brain that expects it to crash and then burn
It’s not the life lesson I’d’ve guessed
If you’re conscious you must be depressed
Or at least cynical
But someone might still eat the steaks
Even if they’re tough
Spending the day
Chewing the fat
Floating away isn’t rough but it’s not enough
Oh Marianne, pass me the joint
The sandpaper’s tan
Go-getters are surfing the point
And London’s a scratch on the lens
It’s over before it begins
Silk ’round her neck falls down to her shoulders
The older I get, the more I suspect there’s a trick
But really there’s no trip at all
That doesn’t result in a fall
Or a faltering
But something could spit out the bait
Even if it’s real
Rolling away
Missing a spoke
Close to the ground like a wheel but it’s not a joke
Holding the line
Clutching the phone
Nobly wasting the night, but it isn’t right
It’s not right
Smelling for blood
Praying for rain
Running away isn’t rough, but it’s not enough

The low tide is telling me, when it’s over,
To breathe in everything exposed
And comes back to cover me with a blanket
Being here’s always changing tunes

The empty sky surrounds me but I can’t see at all
Wide open arms can feel so cold
And you can sit beside me and tell me what it’s
But I hope I die before I get sold
I hope I die before I get sold
I’d rather die before I get sold

If you find the soul that you lost
Frozen in a starry void
Take it within and hope the sight of blood
Can will signs of life to return
Back to the way that it was
Long before it made a noise
To keep on quietly reminding you
What’s never created or destroyed

Wake as the swell peaks
The close-outs drowning the birds with roars
And howls scare the new unkindness
That picks and laughs at the carrion scene

Forces you see breath can always go into hiding
And wait ’til it passes over
Or stay far gone for all eternity

Full Lyrics

MGMT’s ‘Siberian Breaks’ is a twelve-minute multifaceted aquatic rhythm, that takes listeners on a psychotropic journey through existential seas. Laden with poetic verses, the song transcends the conventional structure, mirroring the unpredictability of life’s own complicated composition.

Diving deeper under the surface, we explore the hidden crevices and resounding echos of MGMT’s magnum opus, a song both lauded and puzzled over since its release. Let’s dissect the beautifully crafted enigma that is ‘Siberian Breaks’.

Navigating the Sonic Tides: An Ocean of Sound

From the outset, ‘Siberian Breaks’ envelops us in a soundscape of rippling guitars and muted synths, a testament to MGMT’s mastery over their auditory canvas. The track’s shifts in melody and tempo are reminiscent of the tides, each wave ushering in a new chapter of the sonic odyssey that defies the traditional single-narrative form that binds most of popular music.

The texture of ‘Siberian Breaks’ is one of vastness and introspection, akin to the Siberian expanse itself, echoing the wistfulness and isolation one might ponder while gazing across a frozen tundra, contemplating the cyclical nature of existence.

Decoding The Cry for Authenticity Amidst a Plastic World

Peering into the verses, MGMT strikes at the heart of futility in their line ‘Wide open arms can feel so cold.’ The embrace of modernity, with its open channels for connectivity, often results in an overwhelming sense of disconnection. This paradox is felt through the numbing repetition of the chorus, a mantra that underlines the chill of existential loneliness in our era.

The allusion to arms feeling cold even while open could symbolize the hollowness of relationships fostered in a world where digital interactions surpass physical ones. It quietly screams the longing for warmth in human connections that technology has yet to replicate.

The MGMT Prophecy: Dissecting the Cosmic Puzzle

‘Siberian Breaks’ offers a prophetic vision, as it melds the personal with the universal. Lines like ‘If you find the soul that you lost / Frozen in a starry void’ suggest a journey inward, an odyssey from the microcosm of self to the macrocosm of the universe. The song proposes that within the cold expansiveness of space, within the ‘starry void,’ lies the lost essence of ourselves.

The coupling of universal and the intimate throughout reinforces the concept that our inner conflicts and searches for meaning are inseparable from the grander scale of existence. Each verse is a drifting comet, a locus of themes that resonates with the enigmatic simplicity of the cosmos—a place where creation and destruction reign eternal, and life is but a delicate dance on a thread between.

Eternal Rebellion: Seeking Solace in the Unknown

‘I hope I die before I get sold’ – a line that stands in stark rejection of the commodification that pervades our culture. It’s a declaration woven with the countercultural threads MGMT is known for. ‘Siberian Breaks’ cradles rebellion, showcasing a band unafraid to infuse their work with ideas of mortality, authenticity, and disenchantment with the selling of the soul inherent in many facets of modern life.

The desire to remain unsold, untouched by the capitalistic grasp, charges the song with a revolutionary essence, a trait that resonates with listeners yearning for a sense of purity in a world enthralled by materialism and marketability.

The Labyrinth Within: MGMT’s Lyrical Mirages

The intricate imagery entwined in ‘Siberian Breaks’—from the ‘sandpaper tans’ to the ‘older suspects’—creates a mirage-like quality, where perceptions are distorted and reality merges with illusion. Central to the song’s enigmatic allure is its ability to paint surreal pictures through lines that serve as riddles to be solved or simply experienced in their cryptic beauty.

The ambivalence of each verse challenges the listener to find their own path through the labyrinth of messages, reflecting the inner struggle against the oft-enigmatic nature of life’s journey. In ‘Siberian Breaks’, MGMT elevates uncertainty to an art form, allowing for infinite interpretations that ripple through the mind long after the final note has faded.

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