“SNAP” by Rosa Linn

Rosa Linn is from Armenia, a country where English, despite growing in popularity, is not widely spoken. So the presumption would be that reality contributed to the lyrics of this piece (“SNAP”) being relatively-simple, i.e. almost reading like a nursery rhyme, so to speak. But it also sports a palpable degree of complexity, i.e. the term “snap” in different contexts.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Rosa Linn's SNAP at Lyrics.org.

And what the singer ‘snapping’ is most notably signifying is Rosa making a conscientious effort to stave off depression. Moreover, said depression has been caused by a troubled relationship with her significant other, i.e. the addressee. And more specifically, what’s implied in the first verse is that what he did to offend the vocalist to the point of no redemption is “lie” to her somehow.

Besides that, the term “snap” is also utilized in a more widely-recognized colloquial sense, i.e. to point to the notion of Rosa being on the verge of some type of mental/emotional breakdown. And again, that less-than-ideal reality is identified as being directly attributable to her failed romance with addressee – for instance people encouraging Rosa to “get over” her ex already, as if doing so is simply a matter of will. But instead, she is able to recognize that only an ample amount of “time” heals such wounds of the heart.

So underneath all of the references to ‘snapping’, what’s actually going on here is a woman reeling from the emotional aftermath of cutting off a lover who she obviously envisioned enjoying the company of longer than their relationship ended up lasting. Furthermore, as it currently stands, she cannot tell when – or even if really – she will recover in full.

Lyrics to Rosa Linn's "SNAP"

What Rosa Linn has said about “SNAP”

Rosa has referred to “SNAP” as a song that centers on “self-love” and being able to accept “that you are enough” just the way you are. She also revealed that writing the song was therapeutic for her.

Rosa Linn talks about the meaning of "SNAP"

Who is Rosa Linn?

Rosa Linn, who was 19 years old when “Snap” was officially dropped, made a name for herself internationally after participating in the ever-popular Eurovision Song Contest in 2022. Well actually, she didn’t fare particularly well therein with the country Rosa represented, Armenia, finishing in 20th place (out of 25 participants). 

But sometimes in the world of such reality competitions, the winning song doesn’t prove the most-popular in the long run. So as of the writing of this post, roughly four months after “Snap” has come out, the song is enjoying virality on TikTok, Spotify, etc. (or more specifically, as reported, a sped-up version of the tune). 

Success of “SNAP”

Moreover, “SNAP” has impressively charted in over 30 countries, including many outside of Europe. And in the process of doing so, “SNAP” most impressively topped the UK Indie Chart. So accordingly, Rosa Linn is now a bona fide music star and, concurrent with this writing, arguably the most-popular from Armenia.

Who wrote “SNAP”?

The writers of Snap, besides Rosa Linn, are as follows:

  • Courtney Harrell
  • Tamar Kaprelian
  • Allie Crystal
  • Jeremy Dusoulet
  • Larzz Principato (who co-produced it)  

The other producers of that track are:

  • Ethan Schneiderman
  • Alex Salibian
  • Lilith Navasardyan
  • Ben Samama

When was “SNAP” released?

On the 19th of March 2022, “SNAP” was officially released. It was put out by a company known as Nvak Collective. But to note, its success promptly led to Rosa Linn signing with a much bigger label, that being Columbia Records.

Who directed SNAP‘s Music Video?

The director of this track’s music video, who is also Armenian, is Aramayis Hayrapetyan.


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  1. amz says:

    I love this song so much I can’t stop listening to this I relate to this so much even tho I cry to it I enjoy it and it helps me face the reality of loving someone else .

  2. rah says:

    wow so many cool facts!!

  3. Kitty says:

    I love the story and the meaning behind the lyrics of the song. I feel like it was made just for me! The amount of times I relate to the song whenever I was going through a hard time trying to get over my fiancé of 3 years. Thanks Rosa for releasing such a heartfelt song!

  4. Doreen Lyimo says:

    This song is so so cute???????????? thank you Rosa Linn for always being with us. You are loved

  5. Simba Dzapasi says:

    I’m dedicating this to my dead brother, as I’m trying to force myself to forget all the good memories that we went through together, but I can’t seem to forget it he is still in my heart

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