“Snow Flower” by V (ft. Peakboy)

This is a dual-themed track. On one hand it definitely reads like a love song set during Christmastime with the vocalists, particularly Peakboy we can say, apparently addressing a romantic interest he wishes to spend time with. But on the other hand, from V’s perspective it is premised on 2020 being a depressing year for many people. And basically, the “snow flower” is representative of his desire for joyfulness to rain down amidst this bleak situation. So in that regard the track comes off like your quintessential BTS tune in that it is encouraging fans to stay optimistic.

This track was actually released on Christmas Day, 2020. And at the time V, who is primarily known as a member of the ultra-popular South Korean boy band BTS, uploaded it onto social media for free.

The writers and producers of “Snow Flower” are V and Peakboy. Peakboy, who also hails from South Korea, is known for being one of the V’s main homeys outside of BTS. And this is the first time they actually collaborated on a track. Moreover, it is also first time V has collaborated with any artist on a solo track outside of his bandmates.

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