“Winter Bear” by V (BTS)

“Winter Bear” starts off with BTS’ V arguably addressing a romantic interest. But as the track progresses, the lyrics become increasingly symbolic and thus more challenging to decipher.

As many of us know, bears hibernate in the winter. They sleep for an extended period of time. And in this song, V is also observing the addressee and comments that this individual, ‘sleeps so happily’, which reminds him of a “winter bear”. And the way he uses this metaphor in the song’s singular verse can also be interpreted as being directed towards a lover.

However, in the pre-chorus the song gets heavily-metaphorical. And the prevailing theory seems to be that the “winter bear” is actually the vocalist’s grandmother, with this song being intended to commemorate the third anniversary of her passing. FYI, V was actually raised by his paternal grandma, who left the mortal plane on 4 September 2016. And fandom has more or less concluded that this track is dedicated to her. And the sentiment he is expressing is basically that he misses her and more specifically wishes that she rest in peace.

Thus we can conclude that “Winter Bear” is actually a bereavement song. But at the same time if a listener is not privy to V’s personal history, they can also logically conclude that he is actually addressing a current lover or perhaps friend.

Lyrics of "Winter Bear"

Facts about “Winter Bear”

  • Music producer Adora produced “Winter Bear” along with fellow producer Hiss Noise. They also co-wrote the song along with V and his fellow BTS band member, RM.
  • “Winter Bear” was officially released worldwide on 10 August 2019. It was a surprise drop which BTS first alerted fans about during that same day via Twitter. And being that BTS has one of the most-loyal fanbases of any pop act in the world, the song instantly went viral, which included its music video garnering in excess of five-million views in just one day.
  • V also directed the music video to the song. It features footage captured in popular cities ranging from London to Paris to New York from one of BTS’ biggest world tours.
  • While “Winter Bear” is not V’s first solo track, it is the first which he wrote entirely in the English language.
  • V is a native of South Korea and more popularly known as part of the seven-member boy band BTS.

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