“Someday Baby” by Bob Dylan

On “Someday Baby”, Bob Dylan depicts himself as a person who used to be at the mercy of his lover. Although he admits how being with her has changed him for worse, he is in a state of revolt hoping for the relationship to end.

The first verse depicts the fact that he is no longer trapped by his love for this person; in fact, he has gotten to a point where he no longer cares what happens to her. He goes on to describe how she drained him financially, made him doubt himself and drive him crazy. While he is reminiscing on these moments, he assures himself that very soon, she would not be able to bother him anymore.

Throughout the last lines of the song, he refers to himself as poor because he believes he has missed out on certain good things because he was focusing on this person. He then suggests that he is going to retaliate by driving her out of their home. The narrator’s somewhat weak anticipation for “Someday” also signifies the confused state of his mind. He contradicts himself in the final verse by admitting that his new motives are not natural because he feels he was born to adore this person. He still ends by assuring himself that he will go through with his plans to break away and she will no longer trouble him.

Facts about “Someday Baby”

Dylan both penned and produced “Someday Baby”. That being said, it should be stated that Dylan based the song on Muddy Waters’ iconic 1950s song “Trouble No More”.

This is one of the tracks on Dylan’s No.1 “Modern Times” album. This song, which served as the only single for its album, was released by Columbia Records on 29th August, 2006.

In 2008, Dylan brought out another version of “Someday Baby”. This version had slightly different lyrics to the original. It also was much slower (tempo-wise) than the original. Dylan also saw success with this slower version as it was tagged one of 2008’s best songs by Rolling Stone.

At the 2007 Grammys, “Someday Baby” was met with success. Not only was it nominated for two Grammys, but its album was also nominated for a Grammy. At the end of the day, it picked up the award for “Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance”. Its album also won the award for the “Best Contemporary Folk/Americana Album”.

The other Grammy, this song was nominated for was that of “Best Rock Song”. It lost that award to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Dani California“.

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