“Spinnin” by Connor Price & Bens

Connor Price & Bens’ “Spinnin” is a standard rap song, which is basically another way of saying that it is braggadocious in nature. However, in this case it is a couple of up-and-coming, relatively unknown rappers that we’re dealing with, not the likes of established A-listers. 

By virtue of that, these lyrics don’t center on Connor and Bens being rich or anything like that, but are rather focused more along the lines of illustrating their determination to make it big. Also, both of the vocalists come off as being cool guys, especially Bens if you will, though it does appear that Price is the more-skilled lyricist. 

As far as the title goes, it is an allusion to the fact the world keeps “spinning”. And the rappers want listeners to know that while the world keeps on spinning, they are on a “mission” to continue moving up in the game. So it’ll be interesting to see if these rappers do end up making enough noise to generate headlines into the future.

Connor Price & Bens, "Spinnin" Lyrics

Conner Price and Bens

Connor Price is a child actor, with noteworthy Hollywood experience, turned musician who is on the verge of reaching 28 years of age as of the dropping of “Spinnin”. So as it currently stands, his filmography is more notable than his discography. 

But Connor does have at least one album under his belt, that being a 2018 EP titled “4 Of Clubs”. And his most-popular song to date, would be a 2021 track called “You Said”.

Meanwhile, there currently appears to be very little information readily available on Bens, whose earliest tracks appear to date just back to 2021. However, what is ascertainable is that he’s from the Netherlands, and as such part of his solo verse in this song is actually rendered in Dutch.

Release of “Spinnin”

“Spinnin” was officially launched on the 21st of October, 2022.


The vocalists are credited with writing “Spinnin”, with its producers being Christian Sagum and 100graham, both of whom are regular collaborators of Connor Price.


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    This song is awesome. Great work Connor!

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