“Spinnin” by Madison Beer

Madison Beer dropped her first full-length album, “Life Support”, in 2021. And it met with some notable success, such as breaking the top 30 of the UK Albums Chart. So as it currently stands, once again via the support of Epic Records, she is on the verge of releasing her second studio album, “Silence Between Songs”.

Thus far the public has been treated to four singles from that upcoming project, the first three respectively being “Dangerous” (2022), “Showed Me (How I Fell in Love with You)” (2022) and “Home to Another One (2023)”. 

Then, on 18 August 2023, came the fourth single, “Spinnin”. The song was written and produced by Madison Beer, Leroy Clampitt and One Love. Also credited with authoring this song is the musical duo known as Kinetics.


Sing It Loud Records also supported the release of this track.

This is the opening track on the playlist of “Silence Between Songs”.

Reportedly, this is the last single to be released from “Silence Between Songs” before the album itself is dropped on 15 September 2023.

According to Madison Beer’s Fandom wiki, this song was first teased on the music video to “Home to Another One”, a song that officially hit the airwaves on 2 June 2023.

According to Beer, Lana Del Rey had expressed a particular liking for “Spinnin”.

The first time Madison Beer performed this song live was on 25 July 2023, at the iHeartRadio Theater found in Burbank, California.



What’s being presented revolves around the vocalist questioning whether or not “the world [has] stopped spinning”. Of course that’s a rhetorical question which, in context, seems to point to Madison suffering from both an intense boredom and depression. 

In other words, Beer comes off as if she’s not deriving any type of joy from the world and furthermore as if there is no end to this emotional malady in sight. And there’s a line in the second verse which also implies that she’s suffering from anxiety attacks.

This is a really interesting song because usually we are met with a vocalist dealing with these types of issues, they proceed to at least allude to the source of the problem, i.e. a failed romance or what have you. 

But in this case, there isn’t any mention of another party besides the vocalist, and Madison does not elaborate on why she feels as described above. She does note, in both the first and outro, that she is “in pain”. However, the vocalist does not proceed to explain why such is so, thus giving the impression, to some extent, that she’s woefully bored/depressed in general.

“I woke up, fell back to sleep (Sleep)
‘Cause I’d rather live in my dreams (Ah)
I lay here wondering why
Did the world stop spinning or did I?”

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