“Numb” by Rihanna

“Numb” is used in the song both literally and metaphorically to describe the singer’s current state. In the literal sense of the word, she tells her audience that she is going numb, meaning she’s going to switch to a state of emotionlessness. This is also to claim that she’s no longer going to listen or be affected by the criticisms she constantly receives.

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In a different sense of the word and the related terms found in the lyrics, however, the singer may have used numb to describe the feeling derived from taking a drug such as Ecstasy which she mentions in the song. She affirms this by saying that she doesn’t care about people’s opinions of her since she can’t even hear due to her numbness.

Eminem’s Lines

Eminem’s lines reiterate the fact that the song may simply be about the excitement derived from drugs and alcohol. He begins by mentioning that he’s plastered, which means drunk, then talks about not wanting to end up with the police and “bath salts” which is the street name for a drug which gives the same high as cocaine. He ends by agreeing with Rihanna that his limbs are also numb from the experience.

Lyrics of "Numb"

Facts about “Numb”

  • This tune was composed by several songwriters, including Rihanna and Eminem.
  • “Numb” wasn’t Rihanna’s first collaboration with Eminem. The duo initially worked together on the 2010 hit song named, “Love the Way You Lie”. Actually the song served as the third time both artists were collaborating.
  • Rihanna released “Numb” in November 2012 and it appears on her hit album, dubbed, Unapologetic.  “Numb” is the third song on this album’s track list.
  • This tune samples a line from the 2007 song by Kanye West, titled, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”.

Chart Performance

Upon its release, “Numb” took no time to enter the charts of many countries. Even though it did not reach the heights of other great songs by the Barbadian singer, it managed to rank at No.92 on the UK Singles chart. It also peaked at No.99 in Canada. It however, didn’t chart in the US Hot 100.

Full List of writers of “Numb”

In addition to Rihanna and Eminem, the following also contributed writing to this song:

  • Ronald “Flippa” Colson
  • Sam Dew
  • Andrew “Pop” Wansel
  • Warren “Oak” Felder.

NOTE: In addition to co-writing this song, Flippa, Pop and Oak also co-produced it.

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