“Stupid Love” by Lady Gaga

In “Stupid Love”, Lady Gaga plays the role of someone who has seemingly been afraid to fall in love for some time. During this tenure she was also depressed. But now she has decided to freely open herself up and give her all to romance. She seems to be expressing this sentiment specifically in light of finding a new romantic partner, i.e. the addressee. And what she is telling him is that she desires his “stupid love”. The way this expression reads is as if she doesn’t want him to hold anything back. And likewise, as aforementioned, she will not do so neither. 

So basically, the narrator is someone who has rediscovered the courage to fall in love due to meeting someone whom she really likes.

This song leaked online on the date of 21 January 2020.  And Lady Gaga herself didn’t seem too pleased about it.

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