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Lady Gaga is an American singer and actress whose birth name is Stefani Germanotta.  She is not one of those artists who blew up from the jump. For instance, Def Jam Records actually voided their contract with Gaga very early in her career. But later she hooked up with Interscope Records and Akon’s KonLive Distribution. Then her first actual album, “The Fame” (2008), topped the UK Albums Chart and scored a number 2 on the Billboard 200. Then the five albums which she released successively afterwards all debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200. 

In 2018 she also dropped a collaborative album alongside Bradley Cooper entitled “A Star Is Born”. It is actually the soundtrack to a movie of the same name which both of them starred in. That musical project also ruled the Billboard 200 and UK Singles Chart in addition to the achieving a number one on the Canadian Albums Chart and ARIA Albums Chart. 

And she also has more than a few Grammys, BMI Awards and etcetera to boot. So simply put, Lady Gaga is a music superstar. And she is known just as much for her visual artistry as her music.

Lady Gaga’s Pregnancy from a Sexual Assault

The safety of women in the music industry has been a problem for many years. Many cases have been reported where men in the industry have taken advantage of many upcoming female artists or even some female celebrities.

Lady Gaga, has revealed in several interviews that, she was a victim of sexual assault that lead to pregnancy at age 19. A male music producer, who had made several career threats to her, took advantage of her. She says she was locked up in a studio for months after the incident. The rapist then dropped her on a corner at her parents’ house, when he realized she was vomiting consistently and had become sick. However, the star has refused to state the name of the producer who caused her this great harm.

The incident caused her a total psychotic break for some years. She also revealed that she has suffered many PTSD attacks. According to the singer, it took about two and a half years to recover and to learn the many ways she has used to pull herself out of the situation. However, there is no record of her having a child as of this writing. She has been silent about the pregnancy, leaving fans blank on whether she had a termination or a miscarriage.

Lady Gaga’s Romantic Relationships

Many musicians live an exciting and fulfilling life, which may sometimes be full of romances and flings. Those in the case of Lady Gaga, are no different. She has been involved in several romantic relationships with other celebrities as well as some non-celebrities.

Luc Carl

Luc Carl, a bar owner, nightclub promoter, and author in New York City was one of the first people to have a romance with Gaga. She was in the relationship even before her career made waves. She has described the relationship as an eye-opener as well as being what really shaped her. Her hit song, You and I, was about this relationship.

Matthew Williams

In 2008, Gaga dated Matthew Williams, also known as Dada. He was the creative director for her background team, Haus of Gaga, from 2008 to 2010. There is very little information about their relationship. However, she has described them as being crazy lovers in an interview. However, she said she ended the relationship when they discovered that they had a very strong creative connection and that she did not want their relationship to be just about crazy careless love.

Taylor Kinney

She dated Hollywood star, Taylor Kinney from 2011 to 2016. This relationship was one of her longest, and it eventually led to an engagement. After years of dating, Taylor proposed to her on Valentine’s Day in 2015 with a flashy heart-shaped diamond ring, she accepted the proposal and later posted pictures of the ring on her Instagram page. However, the relationship ended sadly after a year of their engagement.

She has described the cause of their breakup to be the lack of time they both had for each other in the relationship. In an Instagram post she made after the breakup, she wrote that their relationship had many difficulties and that they all worked through long and complicated schedules to make time for themselves. However, the relationship was still not working out and they both agreed to call it off.

Christian Carino

Rumors about a relationship with another Hollywood star, Christian Carinostarted swirling when the pair were spotted at the Super Bowl together in 2017. The rumors were true, and they got engaged in November 2017. The relationship lasted until February 2019. According to her, she was not treated right many times in the relationship and felt that Christianwas too jealous and sometimes infringed on her creative ideas.

Michael Polansky

In April 2021, she became involved in a romantic relationship with Michael PolanskyIt began in December 2019, shortly after her previous relationship. It is alleged that she planned to take a break from her career in order to focus on marriage and having children with Michael.

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