“Summer Lover” by Oliver Heldens (Ft. Nile Rodgers & Devin)

The lyrical focus of this track is the titular “summer lover” – a romantic partner who is only around during the summer season. Thus the singers (Nile Rodgers and Devin) spend a decent amount of time lamenting the fact that this romance is only for a short time, that as the fall season begins, their relationship with their “summer lover” is likewise ending. Indeed they entreat her to “stay”. But in a way it seems as if fate itself is calling her away. So as the track concludes, with his body still reminiscing on its interactions with the seasonal lover, the narrator is reduced to basically pleading with her to stick around.

Lyrics of Summer Lover

Facts about “Summer Lover”

  • “Summer Lover” marks the first time DJ Oliver Heldens has teamed up with Nile Rodgers and Devin.
  • In addition to lending his vocals to the song, Devin also plays the guitar on this collaboration.
  • This song premiered at the Ultra Musical Festival in late March.  It was later released on 12 April 2019.
  • The track’s three headline artists wrote the song in addition to songwriters Tommy L. James and Stuart Crichton.
  • Stuart Crichton also assisted Oliver Heldens in producing the track.
  • Being primarily a DJ and music producer, Heldens doesn’t contribute vocals to this song.

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