“Sunshine” by Steve Lacy (ft. Fousheé)

Steve Lacy’s “Sunshine” is a bit complex, in a manner of speaking, as far as post-breakup songs tend to go. Well actually the thesis sentiment comes across quite clearly, that the two vocalists, who are currently exes, “still love” each other. Steve also lets Fousheé know, somewhat explicitly, that he finds her more attractive now than when they were together. 

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Indeed, he is able to perceive that she is doing better all around. And usually with these types of sentiments, that would be the point where the vocalist, despite lingering feelings, is willing to let his or her ex go for their own good. But in “Sunshine”, such is not the case.

Later on, Fousheé also seems to acknowledge that breaking up with Steve was the appropriate move as far as her personal development is concerned. But she too remains smitten. And even though her verse isn’t as clear as Lacy’s, it would also appear that she’s down for a one-night stand – or something like that.

And that’s where the main point of confusion lies, with trying to ascertain if this couple actually wants to reunite temporarily or permanently. The chorus would imply the latter, while the verses the former.

But maybe what this is all meant to illustrate, i.e. the kind of complex emotions that can exist between two former lovers. You can look at the other party and see they’re doing better without you, or you can look at yourself post-breakup and ascertain that the former romance was indeed less-than-ideal. But still, none of that would negate the love the two of you may have once shared which, as some people would argue, never dies.

Lyrics of Lacy's "Sunshine"

Steve Lacy and Fousheé

Steve Lacy is a musician from Compton who has been heralded as “the sexed-up heir to Prince and Stevie Wonder”. Thus far he’s dropped a one studio albums, 2019’s “Apollo XXI”, as well as a couple prior to that as part of a band known as “The Internet”. 

As it currently stands, as of the release of “Sunshine” on 13 July 2022, Lacy is apparently primarily known for his collaborative efforts, having previously officially collaborated with big names such as:

  • Tyler, the Creator (“911 / Mr. Lonely”, 2017)
  • Vampire Weekend (“Flower Moon“, 2019)
  • Kali Uchis

To note, Steve Lacy is primarily a guitarist. As such, the main vocalist on this track can actually be considered the featured artist, Fousheé, who is a singer from New York and an established collaborator of Lacy. Fousheé is also given writing and production credit for “Sunshine” alongside Lacy and Karriem Riggins.

Noteworthy Things about “Sunshine”

This is the third single from Steve Lacy’s second-solo studio project, “Gemini Rights”, which is backed by RCA Records and another entity known as L/M Records.

The music video to “Sunshine” was directed by Sarah Fern.

The first teasing of “Sunshine” took place when Lacy performed at a venue called The Novo, in Los Angeles, during late-April, 2022.


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