“Swing Lynn” by Harmless

“Swing Lynn” is a song centered on the vocalist trying to score a dance with the addressee, which of course, as ideally implied, would serve as a step towards the two of them getting romantically involved. 

This piece is pretty simple though not necessarily direct. But what it boils down to is Harmless being surer of his feelings for the addressee than vice versa. And that is not to say that his interest isn’t being reciprocated. To the contrary, this lady he’s kickin’ it to is also “sure” that she ‘wants to be with him’. But it reads as if she isn’t as confident in what she is feeling as he is.

Meanwhile, Harmless is clearly suffering from a serious case of loneliness, and this lady has thoroughly caught his eye. So basically, he appears to be imploring her to make a decision and hoping that in the process she will favorably entertain the idea of the two of them hooking up.

Then as for the titular phrase, it is not found in the lyrics. But apparently the “swing” part would be a reference to dancing, and “Lynn” is likely the name of the addressee.

Lyrics to Harmless' "Swing Lynn"

Who is Harmless?

Harmless, despite likely being a musician most readers never heard of, is an indie artist from Mexico City who has been around for over a decade, in that “Swing Lynn” for instance was released back on 14 August 2012. 

This song is from an album he dropped that year titled “I’m Sure”, and back then he was known as Twin Cabins. So it doesn’t appear that Harmless, as of this writing, is terribly popular, and that LP flew under the radar for some time. But as for “Swing Lynn”, it was a massive hit on TikTok and as such serves, by far, as his most-notable track to date. It currently has received over 185 million streams on Spotify, making it one of the apps most successful songs of 2022.

Nacho Cano, aka Harmless, both wrote and produced this song. It should be noted that Harmless is considered to be a one-man band operated entirely by Cano.

What genre of music is “Swing Lynn”?

The best category in which “Swing Lynn” falls into is the indie rock genre.

Swing Lynn

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