“Borderline” by Tove Lo

All things considered, perhaps the easiest way to classify “Borderline” is as one of those types of love songs where the vocalist appears to – for lack of a more concise way of putting – favor being in a tumultuous romance. And that more or less appears to be the type of relationship Tove currently has with the addressee.

As implied in the verses, both parties involved are such that they are ultimately less-than-ideal partners.  But in that sense, i.e. pertaining to their personality flaws, Lo notes that they are indeed kindred spirits.  So she is compelled to tough things out with the addressee even though she seemingly foresees, given the type of people the two of them are, that there will be serious romantic challenges along the way.

So in actuality, by the time all is said and done “Borderline” proves to be a song of romantic resilience and dedication. By the looks of things, there are viable reasons, including her own unshakable shortcomings, as to why the vocalist believes that this relationship would or should not work. 

But more to the sentimental point is her being thoroughly smitten by the addressee. So as conclusively relayed, Tove has every intent of making her relationship with him a lifelong one.

“Tonight, for the rest of my life
I’m gonna be stuck on you
Hold on till I’m makin’ it right
No other love felt like you
I can’t give it up in this fight
I cross my heart and hope to die

Credits for “Borderline”

Tove Lo wrote “Borderline” with singer Dua Lipa. According to Tove, this was the first time she and Lipa wrote a song together. At the end of the day, the collaboration led to both singers becoming friends.

In addition to Tove and Dua, this song’s producers (Jakob Jerlström and A Strut) also contributed writing to this song. Collectively, Jakob and Strut are known as The Struts. And to note, this Swedish collective have worked with Lo on several of her musical projects including her debut album “Queen of the Clouds”.

Brazilian music director Fernando Nogari is credited as the director of the song’s official music video, which was shot in Mexico City.

Release Date of “Borderline”

This track was officially put out, as a single, by Lo and her team on February 10 of 2023. This track features on the deluxe edition of Lo’s fifth studio project entitled “Dirt Femme”.  

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