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Lizzo’s “Jerome” Lyrics Meaning

According to Lizzo’s own words the addressee of this song, “Jerome”, is what is colloquially refers to as a “f—boy”.  The easiest way to describe such an individual is one with the appearance of a man...


“Juice” by Lizzo

Lizzo is another one of the plus-sized artists who regularly deals with issues related to body image. And although her actual weight is never mentioned or directly referred in “Juice”, such is the general idea...

American rapper Lizzo

Meaning of “Tempo” by Lizzo and Missy Elliot

“Tempo” by Lizzo and her costar, Missy Elliot, centers on three major themes – body acceptance, intimate innuendos and getting your boogie on. Lizzo is unconventional in that she is a plus-sized entertainer. In fact she...