“Juice” by Lizzo

Lizzo is another one of the plus-sized artists who regularly deals with issues related to body image. And although her actual weight is never mentioned or directly referred in “Juice”, such is the general idea it is based on, of her exceptional level of self-confidence and physical attraction despite being a nonstandard beauty. Thus the titular item isn’t material per se but rather more like an attribute describing the artist’s ability to shine, as in stand out in a crowd.

So you can say this is a braggadocio song track a special emphasis on the narrator appreciating how attractive she is. And she not only has this effect on males but females also. And in terms of the latter, it is either manifest in other ladies being jealous of Lizzo’s or her ability to romantically take a lady from her boyfriend. Moreover there is a subtheme of Lizzo touting her wealth, specifically via her ability to rock expensive name brands from head to toe.

So we can conclude that there are three prominent factors lending to the artist’s “juice”. First and foremost would obviously be her high level of self-confidence level. Then there is the notion that she is, in fact, physically attractive. And part of that attractiveness would also be ascribable to the reality that she has very-nice clothes.

Meaning of “Juice” as used in the Track

It should also be noted that Lizzo, in her own independent words, has described “juice” as a euphemism for the holy parts of Black women. And whereas there is definitely a sensual subtheme running throughout this track, the lyrics don’t necessarily point to that idea.

So ultimately, the best way to describe “Juice” is an ode to positive self-esteem, specifically in regards to one’s body image. The lyrics, in and of themselves, come off as the singer clearly being cocky. But given that the audience is already aware that she does not conform to traditional standards of beauty, the underlying implication is that she is making these assertions specifically in the face of a standard which may define such a quality differently.

Lyrics of “Juice”

Facts about “Juice”

“Juice” is the lead single from Lizzo’s third album, “Cuz I Love You”. And the song was released on 4 January 2019 by Atlantic Records in conjunction with Nice Life Recording Co.

Lizzo co-wrote this song in partnership with Theron Thomas as well as the producer of the track, Ricky Reed.

The music video to this track, in which Quinn Wilson sat in the director’s seat, gave a shoutout to Soul Glo, a fictional hair product from Eddie Murphy’s classic comedy “Coming to America” (1988). Such likely also served as the inspiration for the over art of “Juice”, where Lizzo is sporting a hairstyle like a lubricated afro.

CeCe Peniston, a R&B singer whose heyday was during the 1990s, accused Lizzo of plagiarizing one of her songs, “Finally” (1991), on “Juice”.

Harry Styles, of former One Direction fame, covered this track live on BBC Radio 1 on 18 December 2019.  And Lizzo was in fact impressed with his performance.

“Juice” charted in over a dozen countries, including making appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles Chart. Interestingly enough, the country where it peaked the highest was in Israel, where the song reached number five on Media Forest’s music chart.

“Juice” has also been certified Platinum in Canada and the United States.

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