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Rompin' Stompin' Blues

“Rompin’ Stompin’ Blues” by The Judds

The “rompin’ stompin’ blues” is the designation the vocalist gives to the depression she’s currently going through due to being done dirty by her lover. The first verse illustrates how he unscrupulously dumped her. The...

I Know Where I'm Going

“I Know Where I’m Going” by The Judds

The Judds’ “I Know Where I’m Going” is a song which its composers admit has a spiritual dimension to it. The speaker goes about inviting us, the addressee, to join in journeying to some unspecified location.  This...

Guardian Angel

“Guardian Angels” by The Judds

The two main characters of The Judds’ “Guardian Angels”, “Elijah” and “Fannie”, were presumably the vocalist’s maternal great-grandparents and moreover individuals she never met personally.  Elijah was a small-time Kentucky farmer, and it was...