“I Know Where I’m Going” by The Judds

The Judds’ “I Know Where I’m Going” is a song which its composers admit has a spiritual dimension to it. The speaker goes about inviting us, the addressee, to join in journeying to some unspecified location. 

This place is symbolic and also, it can be more or less gathered, not physical per se. What it rather symbolizes is the vocalist’s life path, so to speak. In other words, we may think that The Judds are singing for money or professional aspirations. But here, the singer is letting it be known that she has her own personal reasons for doing so. And even the act of singing, to some degree, can be taken as symbolic as referenced.

So what the message of this outing ultimately boils down to is The Judds encouraging listeners to follow their heart. Or put otherwise, when a person is ‘moved’ by “the spirit”, she or he may not have a clear vision of where the journey will end. But they do know in their own heart that they are going somewhere, as with this vocalist.

The Judds, "I Know Where I'm Going" Lyrics

Release Date of “I Know Where I’m Going”

Released on 27th April, 1987, “I Know Where I’m Going” served as the second single from The Judds’ third album, “Heartland”.

The whole “Heartland” project was backed by both RCA Nashville and Curb Records.


This is another famous song from The Judds’ discography that the duo didn’t write. The song was produced and co-written by Brent Maher (who made a name for himself writing several hit singles for The Judds).

Aside Maher, other credited writers on “I Know Where I’m Going” are:

  • Craig Bickhardt
  • Don Schlitz

Chart Success

This track gave The Judds their ninth #1 Country hit in their home country (the United States)! Additionally, this song flew to the number 1 spot in Canada.

I Know Where I'm Going

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