“Rompin’ Stompin’ Blues” by The Judds

The “rompin’ stompin’ blues” is the designation the vocalist gives to the depression she’s currently going through due to being done dirty by her lover. The first verse illustrates how he unscrupulously dumped her. The second verse, on the other hand, focuses on how Wynonna feels offended due to having had her ‘heart stolen’. 

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Then, the third verse is indicative of the conscientious effort she’s willing to make to get over him.

In the fourth and final verse, the vocalist takes the focus off of herself and rather uses the opportunity first off to acknowledge that falling in love is more or less inevitable. But that said, she advises ladies to “be wise” when it comes to falling in love. She advices them to try to avoid taking deceitful men as partners. Or else, as with the vocalist, they too will be stricken with the “rompin’, stompin’ bad news blues”.

“His letter came this morning
Says he’s found somebody
Who reminds him of me
‘He says he needs some space
That might be the case
Wasn’t even man enough
To tell me to my face
I got the rompin’, stompin’
Bad news blues”

All in all, the singer is expressing regret for entrusting her heart to a deceitful man and cautions other women to be vigilant in similar situations.

When Was This Track Released?

“Rompin’ Stompin’ Blues” was the fourth track of The Judd’s sixth album, “Love Can Build a Bridge”. The whole project was released on 11th September, 1990. It produced the following singles:

Credits for “Rompin’ Stompin’ Blues”

Naomi Judd and songwriter Don Schlitz paired up to write this track. And Brent Maher produced it together with the entire “Love Can Build a Bridge” album.

Rompin' Stompin' Blues

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