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Jealous Guy by Roxy Music

“Jealous Guy” by Roxy Music

As this track’s title implies, the narrator admits that his jealousy is causing more harm to the relationship and to his lover. In the beginning, the singer predicts that the reason for his unruly...

Woman by John Lennon

“Woman” by John Lennon

The musician (John Lennon) portrays the love and admiration he has for his partner with this tune (“Woman”). The singer metaphorically defines “Woman” in his intro. The first stanza of the song is centered...

Penny Lane by The Beatles

“Penny Lane” by The Beatles

It is a well-known fact that the Beatles hail from Liverpool. And this track serves as a shoutout to their ‘hood, specifically a popular street in the city called Penny Lane. More specifically, the original members of...