“Good Morning Good Morning” by The Beatles

Even for what can be deemed a relatively-mundane track lyrically as far as the Beatles are concerned, there are still various ways “Good Morning Good Morning” can and has been interpreted. But ultimately, the generally-understood sentiment behind it is said to be reflective of John Lennon’s mental state at the time he wrote it. And during that era he was in fact married to his first wife, Cynthia Powell Lennon, whom he was wed to from 1962 to 1968. By all accounts John was not happy in their marriage, especially during its latter years, and he is even said to have abused Cynthia. 

But more to the point of this actual song is that the reason he was unhappy apparently had something to do with being bored, as in the average working-class life not suiting him. And it is such a sentiment that is permeating throughout.

According to the legend behind the track, as part his marriage arrangement, Lennon took on a role akin to a typical suburban husband. And whereas the singer doesn’t complain per se, on this song it’s still pretty obvious that he feels like a drone. Moreover, this perception is exacerbated by the fact that everyone around seems to be just as apathetic.  However, he is apparently able to find relief in the evenings, as in during closing hours.  That’s when “everyone you see is full of life”, as in being the enjoyable part of the day for the working masses.

In Conclusion

Despite the above, this song is actually not about celebrating the evening. What it is actually centered on is the fact that the aforementioned, dull cycle will perceivably repeat into perpetuity. And in that regard, the title “good morning” is interpreted more as a sarcastic than genuine statement. Yes, the singer does come off as if he is truly polite, and when he says “good morning” to someone, he means it. But conclusively, he knows that the routine they are stuck in is an unfulfilling one.

On which album is “Good Morning Good Morning”?

This is the 11th song on the playlist of the Beatles’ most-celebrated album, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. The track came out via Parlophone Records and Capitol Records on 26th May, 1967. Below are some other notable tracks from this iconic album:

Writing Credits

The late John Lennon (1940-1980) wrote “Good Morning Good Morning”. And as was standard he also credited his partner Paul McCartney under the name McCartney-Lennon. Also as was also standard, George Martin (1926-2016) is the producer of this Beatles’ track.

John Lennon was inspired to pen this song after watching a commercial for a popular breakfast cereal, Corn Flakes by Kellogg’s. More specifically, he was already in the midst of writing when he heard the phrase “good morning, good morning” uttered on said advert. And it struck him in such a way that he decided to write an entire song around it.  However, according to his own words, he wasn’t overly impressed with the final product.

The Animal Sounds

This track is famous for featuring animal noises which the Beatles derived from sound-effect tapes issued by their overall label, EMI. Those found at the beginning are theoretically arranged in such a way where each sound marked a higher move up the food chain.

Meanwhile the animal (i.e. chicken) sound found at the end of the song segues into the “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)“, the track which comes after it on the album. However, that particular aftereffect was reportedly unintentional.

Sounds Inc.

In addition to all four of the Beatles playing on this song, the instrumental also featured a group of session musicians known as Sounds Inc. 

And all inputs considered, Good Morning Good Morning is noted as being one of the more-complex songs from the Beatles’ catalogue.

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