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You Only Live Once

“You Only Live Once” by The Strokes

On the Strokes’ “You Only Live Once”, the writer discusses how the world is made up of diverse personalities, ideologies and perspectives. The first verse talks about the different personalities people have, and how...


The Strokes’ “Reptilia” Lyrics Meaning

The title of this track alludes to, let’s say the base, animal part of the human brain. And the word “reptilia” is never actually mentioned in the lyrics. But the way it has been understood in relation...

The Strokes

“Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus” by The Strokes

The Strokes’ “Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus” is a heavily-metaphorical song in which the singer, Julian Casablancas, is apparently reminiscing on the past. Indeed the title of the track itself appears points to his origins. That is...