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El Diablo

Meaning of “El Diablo” by Machine Gun Kelly

This track is half braggadocio and half Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) reflecting on his rise to fame. “El diablo”, when converted from Spanish to English, translates to “the devil”. And during some parts of the...


“Bloody Sunday Freestyle” by Yelawolf (Ft. DJ Klever)

“Bloody Sunday Freestyle” appears to be a true freestyle as the name implies, as the track consists primarily of a singular, extremely-long verse. The main purpose of this track – or at least what is...

Machine Gun Kelly

“Lately” by Machine Gun Kelly

“Lately” is a track by American hip hop recording artist and singer Machine Gun Kelly (MGK). The song consists of an intro, two verses, a chorus (repeated multiple times) and a bridge. Below we...