Meaning of “Hollywood Wh**e” by Machine Gun Kelly

First off, it should be noted that the titular “Hollywood wh**e” would be an entertainer who lets the industry use him to the point of self-deprecation. Accordingly, the theme of this track is based on Machine Gun Kelly dealing with a similar issue. And what’s this issue? It is his struggle between choosing to live up to industry standards (i.e. becoming a “Hollywood whore”) or instead striving to retain his “pride and passion”.

He approaches this story from three different perspectives. First he centers on the effects of having to deal with such a dilemma, as in trying to ascertain which is “more important. The money or (his) soul”? Apparently he has chosen the former as now he has to deal with unenviable states such as being frustrated, confused, “cold”, “low”, “blinded” and needing to ‘roll chronic’ in order to de-stress himself.

Secondly, he speaks ill of what appear to be music industry executives. They present themselves as friends, even breaking bread and “saying grace” with his family. But ultimately they are backstabbers, even ‘rapists’ who are out to exploit him. In fact this situation disturbs him so much that he insures he will get vengeance, even if it is in the afterlife.

Lastly, he details some of the direct negative affects his success has had. For instance, fans and friends alike can get jealous. MGK also has to do deal with a “schedule… so [expletive] hectic” yet remains “in debt”. And all things considered, he has developed a mentality of not trusting anyone, “even… a wife” if he were to marry one.

As far as the aforementioned dilemma, via the chorus, it is clear that MGK has no intention of becoming a “Hollywood wh**e”. Yet at the same time most of this track is actually based on a perspective as if he had already more or less made a decision to do so.

Release Date

“Hollywood Wh**e” came out on 17 May 2019. It is set to be featured on Machine Gun Kelly’s forthcoming album, “Hotel Diablo”.


The track was produced by Ramii in addition to regular MGK collaborators BazeXX and SlimXX.

8 Responses

  1. Tressa says:

    Actually in the first perspective when he is talking about dinner he clearly names Yelawolf. This all came from the beef between Eminem and MGK. Which is why he says in the song rap devil towards Eminem (and don’t be a sucker and take my verse off of yelawolf’s album thank you) and that’s when LOL Yelawolf comes around with Bloody Sunday and the very end is talking about MGK and says F#@* you pay me. MGK replies to that in this verse basically saying that Yelawolf is the one with MGK’s money and the fans need to. Which is strange because Yelawolf and MGK do a song (Rowdy) in March of this year… Hmmmm

  2. Brad says:

    Not about yelawolf at all

  3. Anesthesia Kelly says:

    I’m his wife

  4. ~Fyre~ says:

    Some say it’s about Diddy

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