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Christmas Evel

“Christmas EveL” by Stray Kids

It’s safe to assume that North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un probably isn’t a fan of anything even remotely Christmas, since his regime is known to not favor Christianity at all. Actually the regime in...

Back Door by Stray Kids

“Back Door” by Stray Kids

‘Back Door’ is a celebratory song that offers a treat for fans of K-Pop and Stray Kids. It takes after their previous piece ‘God’s Menu.’ In similar fashion, the music and lyrics express a...

God’s Menu by Stray Kids

“God’s Menu” by Stray Kids

‘God’s Menu’ is a visceral piece that enshrines the unique identity of Stray Kids. It showcases the immense talents of the boyband with slick dance moves, diverse locations, and catchy beats. The video for...