“Back Door” by Stray Kids

‘Back Door’ is a celebratory song that offers a treat for fans of K-Pop and Stray Kids. It takes after their previous piece ‘God’s Menu.’ In similar fashion, the music and lyrics express a festival-like theme. They are meant to help people enjoy the beats and tune on offer. The title ‘Back Door’ refers to the act of sneaking into a forbidden place. Only VIPs and special pass holders are privy to the fun that takes place in this space.

The band are suggesting that the party is open to fans and casual listeners alike. This is meant metaphorically. All of us are invited to their siesta of fun. We are encouraged to listen to the wonderful melodies that are part of their body of work. ‘Back Door’ is both a statement of intent as well as a show of their talents. It does both brilliantly in typical Stray Kids fashion.  

‘Back Door’ was released by Stray Kids on September 14, 2020. It is a product of their IN生 project.

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  1. Sofia says:

    Is this song about seggs

  2. Grace says:

    Ya if you look up the English lyrics it literally says you want this body

  3. Anonymous says:

    the song is about letting new stays welcome 🙂

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