Meaning of “Social Path” by Stray Kids (ft. LiSA)

Epic Japan released this track on 30 August 2023 as part of an EP titled “Social Path (Feat. Lisa) / Super Bowl (Japanese Version)” by Stray Kids, a boy band from South Korea. Besides those two songs, the standard release of the extended play features another track called “Butterflies”, and the limited edition has one titled “The Sound”.

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To note the featured singer, Lisa, is a Japanese artist, not the musician of the same name who is a member of Blackpink. This Lisa, whose stage name is stylized LiSA, has been in the game noticeably longer than her South Korean counterpart. She’s been in the game since 2010 according to her discography. And with that in mind, a handful of the lines found in this song are rendered in Japanese.

We also have to give a shoutout to the eight members of Stray Kids, who are:

  • I.N
  • Seungmin
  • Felix
  • Hyunjin
  • Lee Know
  • Changbin
  • Han
  • Bang Chan

The latter three on that list co-wrote “Social Path” with Versachoi and Yo-Hei. And Bang Chan has pointed out that the lyrics are ‘based on his own experiences’. He also said that he penned them under the belief that many other people have also gone through the same.

Social Path

Lyrics of “Social Path”

What’s being put forth in this song is, relatively speaking, a bit complex, if not in sentiment then at least in presentation. But what the vocalists “call… the social path” reads like a synonym for our respective destinies, in a manner of interpretation. 

So what the lyrics focus on, let’s say in traditional K-pop-like fashion, is the ideology of remaining committed to one’s goals, even when adversity materializes along the way. And keeping within the “social” theme, said adversity is presented along the lines of for instance constantly finding yourself in “new surroundings”, around people who aren’t particularly friendly and having to deal with loneliness accordingly.

Perhaps the most-compelling line in this entire song is when Felix and the rest of the gang assert that they have ‘given up their youth for their future’. 

We know that K-poppers tend to become professionally active at pretty young ages, and so it has been with Stray Kids. The group actually got formed when most of its current members were in their mid-teens. At the end of the day, that may well be what they and Lisa are referring to. They could be referring to sacrificing their childhoods in the name of pursuing a music career. 

And one of the less-than-ideal parts of the experience is constantly finding themselves in unfamiliar places, which we will say is common for successful musicians, i.e. adopting a touring lifestyle.

Thesis Sentiment

As far as the thesis sentiment goes, it isn’t as if they’re complaining per se. Seemingly, the conclusive message behind “Social Path” is that success cannot be achieved without some suffering or personal sacrifice. 

And yes, there are some other things going on in this song, such as the mention of ‘demons’ and “evil thoughts” and such. But what it appears Stray Kids is saying in that regard is those regards is that they’ve learned to harness the negativity that’s built up within and use it in a constructive way, as further invigoration to continue down “the social path”.

“You only get to live one life, I know I’m ready
Take that chance no matter what thеy tell me
I can not explain this feeling
Yеah, this path was meant to be my dream
Look back, the ashes prove my
Passion always burns eternally
No regrets, I love this feeling
Down on this road, call it the social path”

6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    sorry to be that person but in paragraph 2 it says, “Lisa, is a Japanese artist, note the musician of the same name who is a member of Blackpink.” I think you meant to say not, not note.

  2. Elana says:

    this is a great interperetation

  3. Khi'Ann says:

    I didn’t really understand…….

  4. Anonymous says:

    The message of the song is not giving up your dream ,you will face challenges , problems even people that doesn’t like you but don’t let it bring you down,it will get to a point when you will get tired and feel like ending it all that where demon and evil comes in ( there will be times you will get depressed ,sad and tired but don’t give up because you only get one life to live ) and the socia in the song is more of like following the rules and guidelines of the society while trying to live your life , going with the trend and flow .lastly we have ” give up my youth for my future” I think it talking about the music industry, at a young age you are to practice hard abandon stuff you are meant to do as a kid just to have a better future but this does not only apply to music industry , there are some kids who have no parents or family so they man up and become adult at such a tender age just to survive .

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