Take My Place by Lily Allen

“Take My Place” is a track from Lily Allen’s third studio album, “Sheezus,” released in 2014. The song, co-written by Allen and Greg Kurstin, is one of the most emotionally raw pieces in her discography, tackling the painful subject of loss.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Lily Allen's Take My Place at Lyrics.org.

The lyrics speak of Allen’s longing to alleviate someone else’s pain, even if it means taking on that pain herself. The heartfelt emotions in the song are believed to be influenced by Allen’s personal experience of miscarriage. The sorrowful melody and poignant lyrics touch listeners deeply, as they convey the intense feelings of grief and the desire to comfort loved ones.

Fun fact: “Sheezus” showcased a range of musical styles and topics, with “Take My Place” standing out for its emotional depth. The album as a whole reflects Allen’s maturation as an artist, addressing more personal and profound themes than her earlier work.

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