“Tallest Girl” by Alesha Dixon 

Alesha Dixon stands at a relatively-tall, albeit not-too-extreme height of 5’7”. As such, the title of this song (“Tallest Girl”) is not meant to be taken literally. Instead what the titular metaphor points to, most simply put, is the feeling of edification the vocalist has achieved via her romantic relationship with the addressee. In other words, this is a love song. And as inspired by the title, the lyrics revolves around a height- and altitude-based motif.

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Lyrics to Alesha Dixon's "Tallest Girl"

Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon is a singer from England who started off in the game as a member of a R&B trio known as Mis-Teeq. She went solo in the mid-aughts and in between now and then has gotten around to dropping a quartet of studio albums. Her signature hit is a 2008 song titled “The Boy Does Nothing”. 

“Tallest Girl”

Tallest Girl, which Alesha’s own Precious Stone Records made public on 18 September 2015, is a single from her fourth studio LP, “Do It for Love”.

Alesha wrote this song with its producers, Alex James and Harry Sommerdahl.

For the record, since 2017 Alesha Dixon has been married to one Azuka Ononye, and in 2013 they had their first child together. And this song is said to be based on their relationship.

According to Alesha, “Tallest Girl” is a song that “expresses love”. To her, the best feeling in the world is when that special person you have fallen in love with “makes you feel like you are the tallest girl in the world!”.

Tallest Girl

Alesha’s “Do It for Love” Album

The album “Do It for Love” was officially launched on October 9 of 2015. This record, which is the singer’s fourth studio album, was issued through Precious Stone Records.

“Do It for Love” features four singles, with the first two singles preceding its official release date. “The Way We Are” is this project’s lead single, and it was issued on June 21 of 2015.  The second single, “Tallest Girl”, dropped on September 18.

On December 11 of 2015 the project’s third single, “People Need Love”, was officially released. And its final single, “Stop”, came out on May 24, the following year.

This record did not chart in the US. However, it was a relatively significant hit in Britain. It peaked at number 81 on the main albums chart in said region.

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