“Party O’Clock” by NMIXX

Nmixx is one of the more successful K-pop acts to have thus far premiered during the 2020s. On 11 June 2023, JYP Entertainment, Republic Records and Dreamus released the girls’ third EP, “A Midsummer Nmixx’s Dream”. And on that same day its second single, “Party O’Clock”, was made public, with the track having first been announced a couple of weeks prior.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for NMIXX's Party O’Clock at Lyrics.org.

This song was produced by a duo known as Bangers & Cash. And its various writers are as follows:

  • Phat Fabe
  • Harry Sommerdahl
  • Paulina Cerrilla
  • Josefin Glenmark
  • Danke
  • Wkly
  • Dr. Jo
  • Oh Hyun Sun
  • Hwang Yoo Bin
  • J.Y. Park

None of the above are members of Nmixx. Instead, the vocalists are Bae, Haewon, Jiwoo, Kyujin, Lily and Sullyoon. All six of them are between 17 and 20 years of age as of this writing.

The Lyrics of “Party O’Clock”

As established from the onset, what this narrative apparently revolves is an imaginary or “dream” party that the vocalist is inviting the addressee to. Furthermore, this rendezvous is transpiring in the “forest” during “a midsummer night”. 

And whereas that might sound a bit confusing or unorthodox, as to why one person would invite another to an imaginary party, as sort of implied throughout, that the addressee is a romantic interest. Since the Nmixx girls are kinda young this may be the only way the vocalist gets to spend the night with her beau, via her imagination.

But more to the intended, sentimental point would obviously be the singer’s general affection for the person she’s signing to. Or as relayed, she cannot personally picture herself enjoying a party if the addressee isn’t there. 

“Come on over right now
Come on over right now
‘Cause party is not a party without you
Hurry up, join the party
Waiting for you right now
Waiting for you right now
마법에 걸린 밤 꿈을 꿔 우린
You know that”

Ultimately, whereas these lyrics aren’t by any means complicated, they are open-ended or imaginative enough to be interpreted in different ways. That is to say that it is ultimately up to the listener to postulate as to why the vocalist is compelled to fantasize about partying with the addressee as opposed to setting out to make that wish a reality.

But in all, it may have something to do with the fact that parties being thrown in the forest isn’t a common occurrence to begin with. 

And also remember that the EP this song is featured on is called “A Midsummer Nmixx’s Dream”, a name obviously inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which itself is largely set in a forest and is apparently evening-based. 

Or put otherwise, maybe the reason the vocalist is fantasizing like this is because night parties being held in the forest don’t tend to occur to begin with.

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