“Tattoo” by Loreen

Loreen is a singer from Sweden who in 2012, while in her late twenties, accomplished the rare feat of winning the Eurovision Song Contest, i.e. the biggest musical event in Europe. She did so via a tune titled “Euphoria” which proceeded to be a really big hit. The said song actually stands as the only international success in her discography and is by far Loreen’s signature song.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Loreen's Tattoo at Lyrics.org.

As for “Tattoo”, which was officially released on 25 February 2023, it generated headlines as a result of proving successful at Melodifestivalen 2023. This is a popular music competition in its own right though held specifically for Swedes, with the winner proceeding to represent the country at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. So as it currently stands, there is a possibility that Loreen may stand for Sweden for a second time at that event.


Loreen is credited as a writer of this track, though it has been noted that it was by and large written before she got involved. It was introduced to her by Thomas G:son, who acted as both a writer and producer of the song, as did Peter Boström and Jimmy Jansson. 

The other authors of “Tattoo” are Cazzi Opeia and Jimmy Joker. All of the above have prior experience being involved in Melodifestivalen.

To note, this track is not associated with an album, and Loreen, who is 39 years old as of its issuance, hasn’t dropped an LP since 2017’s “Ride”.


In the second verse, the addressee is identified as being a “friend” of the vocalist. And what can be ascertained throughout is that he or she is a very dear one. Furthermore, it also wouldn’t be out of the way to postulate that their relationship is a romantic one.

And for starters, we are met with Loreen maturely coming to the conclusion that “this is not (their) time”, and therefore, “it’s time to say goodbye”. So the first verse gives the impression that, as painful as it may be, the vocalist is ready to move on with her life, until ideally she and this loved one will “meet again”.

But as the song progresses, it becomes clear that such is far from the thesis sentiment. Instead, what goes on to be revealed is that Loreen verily does not want this relationship to end. Yes, she may be “taking it cool”, as in making an effort not to display how distraught she is internally. But as implied, the addressee is the love of her life, i.e. the one person who makes the narrator feel most loved.  And he likewise is ‘all she cares about’.

So despite whatever issues may have developed which are compelling them to part ways, Loreen also understands if that were to happen, she would basically be suffering an irreplaceable loss. Or as she puts it, the addressee is “stuck on (her) like a tattoo”. 

Therefore, unlike the beginning of the song where she sounds ready to accept the inevitability of breaking up, by the time all is said and done the vocalist is rather expressing the willingness to go through ordeals just to be with this person.

“No, I don’t care about them all
‘Cause all I want is to be loved
And all I care about is you
You’re stuck on me like a tattoo
No, I don’t care about the pain
I’ll walk through fire and through rain
Just to get closer to you
You’re stuck on me like a tattoo”

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  1. Jackie. F says:

    Great song & singer. Can’t wait to hear more of her.

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