“Psycho” by Red Velvet

The title of this song (“Psycho”) points to the idea of the singer being mentally disturbed. And what is causing this disturbance is certain aspects of the romantic relationship she is in. For instance, people think that she and her partner make a “weird” couple. And even she is able to admit that it is in fact a “strange relationship”. And what is particularly awkward about it is the couple’s tendency to fight but then shortly thereafter make love, not war. 

So apparently this cycle is so regular – and unorthodox – that the lady is now confused. Moreover it seems the reason why people think the relationship is strange in the first place is because the pair is known to engage themselves like this, as in endlessly quarrel.

So conclusively she feels that they are ‘fools in love’, as in being so into each other that they can’t walk away from this type of situation. But she also believes that ultimately their relationship “will be okay”. Thus she is not keen on the idea of dumping her boyfriend, despite pressures she may feel internally and externally in that regard.

Lyrics of “Psycho”

Facts about “Psycho”

This song was released on 23 December 2019 by SM Entertainment and Dreamus, with the latter being both an entertainment and electronics company.

It is the lead single from Red Velvet’s EP entitled “The ReVe Festival: Finale”. That particular album is the third in a trio of The ReVe Festival EPs that the group has dropped in 2019, with the series proving to be internationally-successful.

“Psycho” was written by a Korean artist known as Kenzie.

And she also co-produced the song along with Druski, EJAE and a Swedish musician called Cazzi Opeia.

All five members of Red Velvet (Irene, Joy, Seulgi, Wendy and Yeri), a girl group from South Korea, contribute vocals to “Psycho”.

3 Responses

  1. Edna says:

    Reveluvs forever ..I love your songs and mv’s???

  2. Maryam says:

    Red Velvet is the No.1 group in our reveluv hearts!!!
    Red Velvet fighting!!!! Please show love to their next comeback!

  3. Sigh says:

    Nowhere in the lyrics of psycho do Red Velvet members mention a man

    The korean language is grammatically neutral and gendered pronouns are avoided

    Even if a man wants to sing about a woman or a woman wants to sing about a man (yikes), the neutral pronouns (I, you, we, they) unintentionally smash heteronormativity and leave room for interpretation

    A man ends up singing about anyone or a woman ends up singing about anyone

    The assumption that psycho is about a man or “boyfriend” would be false

    Psycho can be about a woman or girlfriend!

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