“Teardrops” by Womack & Womack

“Teardrops” is a dance song alright, but one with a twist. And that’s because in this instance dancing and music – the two activities which tend to be most celebrated in this genre – are actually akin to a curse on the vocalist. 

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Or as Linda puts it, “footsteps on the dance floor” and “every tune” she hears exacerbates the missing of her ex. And what’s making the whole experience even more painful, as implied in the first verse, is that she seemingly caused it all by somehow having been ‘untrue’ to him.

So even though the instrumental of this piece is bop-worthy, lyrically the presentation is more along the lines of melancholy because, most simply explained, the vocalist has come to equate the sound of music with the absence of the one she loves.

Womack & Womack's "Teardrops" Lyrics

Womack & Womack

Womack & Womack was a musical duo that experienced notable success during the early goings of its discography, during the 1980s. This team consisted of Cecil Womack (1947-2013) and Linda Womack, the woman he married in 1979, who was likewise a professional singer. 

Interesting to note is that Linda, née Cooke, is actually the daughter of legendary soul singer Sam Cooke (1931-1964).


Facts about “Teardrops”

“Teardrops” stands as the most-notable single in Womack & Womack’s discography in a way which suggests this act was a one-hit wonder. For instance, it’s apparently their only song to have topped any chart, accomplishing that feat in the Netherlands, Belgium and New Zealand. It also marks the highest, by over 10 spots, the pair reached on the UK Singles Chart, where it peaked at number three. 

And it is also their only tune thus far to have been certified, having achieved gold status in both the UK and Australia.

Linda and Cecil Womack are the writers of “Teardrops”, and they also co-produced it alongside Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Chris Blackwell.

Amongst the artists who have covered this song is Elton John, who actually did so on record twice, once with K.D. Lang in 1993 and the other in conjunction with Lulu in 2002. 

Womack & Womack’s original was dropped through Island Records on 5 August 1988, and it was featured on their fourth album, “Conscience”.

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