“Teardrops” by Bring Me The Horizon

The lyrics of “Teardrops” center on the narrator dealing with a harrowing sense of depression. Or stated more artistically, his mind is so disturbed that he is “running out of teardrops”. And it is not only he, but also others (i.e. the people in the listening audience) are going through the same. And as to why they are in such a state, the wording of the track is ambiguous enough to be interpreted in various ways by the listener. 

But according to Oli Sykes’s own explanation, what he is actually speaking to are the concepts of tech addiction and media addiction. In other words, he feels that we in the modern world – youth especially – have become too accustomed to receiving bad news as it seems to be all around us, being relayed by various channels, these days. So he credits that as being the source of his and others’ aforementioned less-than-ideal mental state, i.e. having their brains flooded and numbed by the influx of too much negative information.

“Teardrops” was released by RCA Records on 22 October 2020.  It is a part of Bring Me the Horizon’s forthcoming EP, “Post Human: Survival Horror”.

This song was written and produced by Bring Me the Horizon bandmates Jordan Fish and Oli Sykes.

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