“Tennessee Orange” by Megan Moroney

To begin with, “Tennessee Orange” is a love song – a really interesting one. And why? This is because it takes a fresh approach to the well-worn musical topic of being thoroughly smitten. 

As a premise, Megan Moroney is in fact from the state of Georgia. And there down south, you have communities that take the likes of football very seriously and are territorial accordingly. For instance, “the Dawgs” mentioned in the final chorus is a reference to the University of Georgia Bulldogs’ football team. Also to note, Moroney is actually a graduate of said school.

And in this case, the addressee is the vocalist’s mother. And what Megan is calling to tell her is that she has in fact fallen in love, though with a man from Tennessee, which is a rival state as far as sports are concerned. 

The football team for the University of Tennessee, who are known as the Volunteers, their primary color is orange. So that’s why this track is titled “Tennessee orange”. Or put more precisely Megan, due to now being head over heels with a foreigner if you will, has gone from wearing red, the color of the Bulldogs, to orange, that of the Volunteers. Furthermore, beyond that, she’s even “learning the words to old Rocky Top”, i.e. the Volunteers’ theme song, if you will.

So the reason Megan is calling home is twofold. One is to announce, as mentioned earlier, that she has found someone whom she’s euphorically in love with. But second is so that mom dukes can break the news to her father – by implication the real Bulldogs’ fan in the family – that now, as a result, his daughter has switched sides. 

Just as an interesting side note, it has been suggested that perhaps whom Moroney is singing about is none other than country music star Morgan Wallen, who does have “blue eyes” and also happens to be from Tennessee.

lyrics for Megan Moroney's "Tennessee Orange"

Megan Moroney

As of this track’s issuance on 2 September 2022, Megan Moroney is an up-and-coming musician with a notable social-media presence. That is to say that she doesn’t yet have a Wikipedia page, but the 25 year old songstress does boast nearly 350,000 followers on TikTok and an additional 150,000 via Instagram

As of this writing, her most-popular song appears to be a 2021 outing titled “Wonder”.

Did Megan write “Tennessee Orange”?

Megan wrote this song with David Fanning, Paul Jenkins and Ben Williams. And it was produced by one of her regular collaborators, Kristian Bush.

Tennessee Orange

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  1. jasmine grace jenkins says:

    i love this song,this is one of the top songs that i listen to all the time,and it gets stuck in my head all the time.It has a good beat and it says a lot about love.
    I was in a relation ship with a boy and I was in love with him,and he said that he loved me and that i would never leave me.Then he cheated on me.I felt like my heart was reaping out of my chest.Then i found this guy and we fell in love and he treats me like i am his world.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I heard this song a few times. I though “Tennessee orange” was the color of her prison outfit. I though she was singing about how she fell in love and she allowed herself to be stupid enough to do something to land herself in prison.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Typically sad how some people only think the worst about things. I am truly sad for you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Okay. I’m from Michigan and I even knew it was about being a taitor to the Bulldogs, by wearing Genesee orange. Love the song.

  5. Trucker says:

    Evidently there are a few people that don’t know much about college sports – I figured out what it was about before I understood many of the words – really like the song and I’m from Illinois

  6. Anonymous says:

    Don’t understand why she says she looks better in blue and red. Georgia is red and black

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