“For You” by Parmalee

Permalee’s “For You” is somewhat of a perplexing song, simply because we know the actual premise upon which it is based. As noted in later in the article, this is the title track to an album. 

And according to Matt Thomas, said album was named so as a dedication to the band’s fans. The titular “you”, according to him, is supposed to be Parmalee’s fandom.

Okay, good. Going through the first verse, even though the lyrics don’t necessarily read as so they can be stretched to allude to a notion like the addressee being fans of the singer. For what they ultimately point to, leading into the chorus, is this idea that he writes his songs with the addressee in mind, i.e. as a sign of appreciation and dedication to said individual(s). 

But mid-chorus the song kinda flips and becomes overtly romantic. And to our surprise, it is actually the vocalist’s sweetheart who is the inspiration behind all of his tunes, i.e. the one he has been addressing throughout “For You”.

Delving deeper into the song, what the situation sorta reads like is this. As a well-known musician, the vocalist is compelled to go on tour. And of course along the way, he’s going to meet a number of females. But he wants his true significant other, i.e. the addressee, to know that he’s not even on it like that. 

Indeed all of the love songs he writes are actually about her. So whenever she may hear them, wherever she may be, then the addressee knows what time it is.

In Conclusion

So this is in fact a love song, though not one addressed to Parmalee’s fans, as advertised. Instead, most logically put it would be the vocalist’s personal sweetheart. So maybe, all things considered, what Matt Thomas is trying to say is that he regards his fans as he would a romantic interest, or something like that.  But as things stand, we have to take For You as a conventional love song more so than anything else.

Lyrics to "For You" by Parmalee

Release Date of “For You”

This is the title track Parmalee’s seventh studio album and their third under Stoney Creek Records, i.e. the label that helped introduce them to the mainstream. The song, as well as the album, was released on 30 July 2021. And an earlier single from it, “Just the Way” (2019) alongside Blanco Brown, has proven to be Parmalee’s most-successful tune to date.


This band, which comes from a town in North Carolina called Parmele, is centered on a couple of brothers, vocalist Matt Thomas and drummer Scott Thomas. And they are joined by a cousin named Barry Knox, who serves as the group’s bassist, as well as guitarist Josh McSwain.

For You

Production and Writing of “For You”

The producer of this track, as with the overall album, is David Fanning, the same musician who helped put Parmalee on to Stony Creek Records. And he wrote the song with Matt Thomas and Justin Wilson.

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