“Take My Name” by Parmalee

If you presumed that this song by a male vocalist titled “take my name” is about marriage, then you are correct. The titular phrase sounds like something a man would tell a lady he wants to marry since, traditionally speaking, upon officially making such an agreement, the female adopts the male’s surname as her own.

And the intricacies of the featured narrator are such that, by implication, the vocalist is popping the question a bit early in his relationship with the addressee. But the reason he’s doing so is because he’s thoroughly convinced that this lady is the one – something he has recognized from first sight even.

What is further implied is that the vocalist is being advised by some friends of the relationship to exercise patience. But he ‘wants’ the addressee ‘in every single part of his world’, i.e. completely embedded into his life. The second verse is basically a reiteration of those ideas, as introduced in the first verse.

So as has also been deduced by other analysts, this track would actually fall into the category of proposal songs. In other words, “Take My Name” may not necessarily be something a guy would play directly for his girlfriend unless he too is thinking of marriage or perhaps even proposing to her in the process. Indeed, it wouldn’t be surprising if this song goes down in history as one of those that is regularly played at weddings or what have you.

Parmalee, "Take My Name" Lyrics

“Take My Name”

This is a track that Parmalee, a band of country musicians from North Carolina, put out on 9 July 2021, as backed by Stoney Creek Records. This song comes from the group’s 2021 album “For You”.

“Take My Name” wasn’t a big hit, but it did perform quite well on a couple of Billboard’s country music charts, in addition to also representing on certain social media platforms.


Parmalee is a four-man crew consisting of the following musicians:

  • Barry Knox
  • Josh McSwain
  • Matt Thomas
  • Scott Thomas 

Matt, who is the lead vocalist of the crew, co-wrote “Take My Name” with Ashley Gorley, David Fanning and Ben Jonson. And Fanning, who comes from the country music capital of Nashville, Tennessee, also produced the track.

Parmalee, "Take My Name" Lyrics

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