The Beach Boys’ “Kokomo” Lyrics Meaning

The song basically talks about a fictional Island known as “Kokomo” where lovers can go and find a lot of enjoyment and happiness. In the intro of the song, the singer mentions several places around the Caribbean Sea where they are willing to visit with their lover.

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The writer goes on to talk about Kokomo, a place where his lover can supposedly go and forget all about her worries. He makes mention of attractive scenery, delightful drinks and a peaceful atmosphere, while promising to work on their bond and have a good time with her.

In the end, the writer affirms that Kokomo might not necessarily be a particular place, but everyone knows a place that fits this description where they can enjoy a sense of peace and happiness with the people they care most about.


In all “Kokomo” tells the story of two lovers who embark on a trip to an Island of the same name. Said island is presumed to be in the Caribbean. And on this island the couple are most likely to enjoy their time there and create memorable moments.

Facts about “Kokomo”

“Kokomo” was released in 1988 and written by the following:

  • Scott McKenzie
  • Terry Melcher
  • John Phillips
  • Mike Love

It was later included on The Beach Boys’ 1989 album titled “Still Cruisin’”.

The music video for this song was produced in less than two hours.

In an interview, Mike Love, one of the founders of the group, said they initially recorded the song for a 1988 comedy film titled “Cocktail” before adding it to their album. It is for this reason it appears as one of the songs featured in “Cocktail”.

“Kokomo” was one of the popular songs in the late 1980s and early 1990s and it really did perform extremely well on lots of international singles charts. On the US Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at number one, a position it also occupied on the US Cash Box Top 100 chart. It also made its way into the top 10 in charts in New Zealand as well as Netherlands.

In 1988, the song earned a Grammy nomination. That same year, it was also selected for a Golden Globe Award.

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