“The Last Time” by The Script

The Script’s “The Last Time” is a song in which the narrator is addressing his romantic partner. The title is derived from the fact that, succinctly put, they are about to breakup. Indeed this appears as if it may be “the last time” the singer will ever be with his boo. And whereas he is definitely in his feelings, thinking back to the happier days of their relationship, he also isn’t particularly lamenting. And why? Apparently because he also remembers the strife contained therein.  

But ultimately, he does not want things to end. Or perhaps more specifically he doesn’t understand why they are coming to an end, despite knowing for some time that this moment was more or less inevitable.

Lyrics of "The Last Time"

First Song for 2019

“The Last Time” is the first song that The Script dropped in 2019. Prior to this, the last time this rock band actually released a new single was as far back as in 2017.

When did The Script release “The Last Time”?

The song was officially released on 20 September 2019.

Creation (Production/Writing) Credits

The Script band members D. O’Donoghue and M. Sheenan, along with James “Jimbo” Barry, contributed to both the writing and production of this song.

The other producer is Samuel Tsang and the other writer JHart.

Does “The Last Time” appear on “Freedom Child”?

No. “Freedom Child” (which is The Script’s 5th album) does not contain this track. This 2019 single will appear on the band’s 6th studio album.

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