“Hall of Fame” by The Script (ft. Will.i.am)

“Hall of Fame” is one of those types of inspirational, self-help songs if you will. In other words, the goal of the vocalists is to instill in the listeners an infinite amount of self-confidence. Or stated differently, we too can make it into the “Hall of Fame”, i.e. the professional and personal pinnacles of our own respective fields and aspirations. We can be just as great as we envision ourselves to be. That is the idea upon which this song is based. So generally, it can be said that The Script and Will.i.am want people to follow their dreams and are encouraging them in that regard.

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Facts about “Hall of Fame”

This is the lead single from The Script’s third album, which itself is entitled “#3”. The track was put out by Epic Records in conjunction with Phonogenic Records on the date of 10 September 2012.

There are also alternate versions of “Hall of Fame” which can be found on deluxe edition of “#3”.

This track was written by The Script’s own Danny O’Donoghue and Mark Sheenan alongside hip-hopper Will.i.am and Jimbo Barry.

The lead singer of The Script, O’Donoghue, actually met Will.i.am on the set of The Voice UK, where they were both judges. According to O’Donoghue, Will.i.am heard the demo and requested to work alongside him on the track. And after a bit of back and forth they were able to lay it down.

“Hall of Fame” was a big success. For instance, it topped the UK Singles Chart as well as the music charts of four other European nations. And overall it charted in over 30 countries around the globe.

Moreover the track has been certified multi-Platinum in various countries such as the United States (double) and Australia (decuple).

“Hall of Fame” has had a strong pop-media presence, being utilized in genres as diverse as soap operas and professional football.

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