“The Ones I Love” by Olivia Rodrigo

All things considered, it wouldn’t be out of the way to posit that the addressee of “The Ones I Love” is the romantic interest of the vocalist’s, even though such is never specified. Basically, the latter has come to realize that her mannerisms are having a toxic effect on this individual. Or let’s say that by the looks of things, it seems as if Olivia Rodrigo is not as ready for a serious relationship as he is.

This may not be something she initially realized. Or more compassionately put, it can be said that Olivia did not appreciate just how emotionally needy her boyfriend is, i.e. someone who, if she lost interest down the road, would be absolutely devastated. And unfortunately, it very much appears as if she has lost interest, even being akin to an on-again/off-again lover, as implied by the first verse.

So now it’s like the vocalist has decided to cut the addressee off for good – no more toying with his feelings, as he “deserve(s) much more”. So most easily explained, this is a breakup song. Thesis-sentiment wise, Rodrigo is letting her soon-to-be ex know that she never intended to break his heart.

And finally concerning the title, what the vocalist is doing is acknowledging that she has some type of character in which she ‘always hurts the ones she loves the most’. But that introspective aspect of the song ultimately takes a back seat to the rest of the narrative, as detailed above.

Lyrics for Olivia Rodrigo's "The Ones I Love"

When was “The Ones I Love” released?

According to rumors, this is a song that Olivia recorded to potentially be featured on her 2021 “Sour” album. It however, didn’t make the cut. But interestingly enough, fans of Rodrigo dig the tune. Most of these fans postulate that it wasn’t included on her aforementioned LP because it did not fit the theme of the overall work.

“The Ones I Love” got around to leaking in April of 2022. Therefore, it doesn’t have any official release date or anything like that. 


It is known that Rodrigo herself wrote this piece. This song was produced by Dan Nigro. Dan was extremely instrumental in helping Olivia compose several songs on “Sour”, including the following smash hits:

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