Meaning of “Bad Idea Right?” by Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo’s sophomore studio album is titled “Guts”. The project’s second single is “Bad Idea Right?” was officially made public on 11 August 2023. But fans knew about its forthcoming days earlier, as Olivia announced it, via Instagram, on August 7th

Olivia Rodrigo penned this track alongside her regular collaborator, Dan Nigro, who also produced it. And whereas we don’t yet know how “Bad Idea Right?” will fare, presumably it will be a notable hit as was “Vampire”, the lead single to Guts.

Bad Idea Right?

The Lyrics of “Bad Idea Right?”

On this song, the vocalist is addressing her ex. This is someone who, as implied in the first verse, she has already decided that it wouldn’t be best not to deal with on a romantic level anymore. But as also inferred and more importantly as far as the thesis sentiment goes, Olivia still has a strong physical attraction to him. 

And it is that type of addiction, if you will, which ultimately proves victorious at times when her ex reaches out and she tries to resist his calling.

And no, it isn’t such that Rodrigo is lamenting this reality. Instead, she described this track as being “more fun and playful” than some of her other fare, such as the single which preceded it.

So conclusively, the vocalist knows that “it’s a bad idea” to visit the addressee. In other words, Olivia understands that upon actually seeing her ex, she will by all means end up spending the night with him. 

So there is obviously some apprehension on her behalf in terms of doing so, but ultimately that’s not really what this song is about. Instead it focuses on the subject shall we say gleefully resisting her conscience, because regardless of what it is she has against the addressee, he remains the apple of her eye.

“Yes, I know that he’s my ex
But can’t two people reconnect?
I only see him as a friend
(The biggest lie I ever said)
Oh, yes, I know that he’s my ex
But can’t two people reconnect?
I only see him as a friend
(I just tripped and fell into his bed)”

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