“The Summoning” by Sleep Token

The lyrics of “The Summoning”, as well as its title, are highly poetic and also make use of powerful imagery, to the extent that it would be challenging to ascertain the nature of the relationship between the vocalist and addressee if not for the bridge. But via the bridge, it is firmly established that this is in fact a romantic interest being sung to.

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What’s also made clear through said passage is this piece being akin to a pickup song. That is to say that the vocalist does clearly have a romantic interest in the addressee, but it doesn’t appear that they are actually a couple. Rather, he is currently entertaining the idea that she may be the one. 

But even if mistaken in that regard, the vocalist is letting her know that he would still like to hook up. In other words, he doesn’t know the addressee well enough to predict whether she’ll prove a worthy partner or not. But even if she is currently “bad”, the singer is willing to gamble that, via his love, he can “make [her] a good girl”.

So all of the fancy, macrocosmic lingo found in other parts of the song are intended to point to the idea, most simply put, of the vocalist being smitten. The pre-chorus especially may give the impression that he and the apple of his eye are already involved. But in the end, what this entire piece serves as is a statement of his strong desire to get with her.

“Raise me up again
Take me past the edge
I want to see the other side
See the other side”

Release Date of “The Summoning”

“The Summoning” was released on the 6th day of January, 2023. It is the second single of Sleep Token’s 2023 album, “Take Me Back To Eden”. “Vore” and “DYWTYLM” are two other singles from the album.


Band member Vessel1 wrote this track. “The Summoning” was produced by UK producer Carl Bown. Bullet For My Valentine, Fightstar, and While She Sleeps are just some of the artists Bown has worked with.

The Summoning

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  1. GetItRight says:

    “But even if she is currently “bad”, the singer is willing to gamble that, via his love, he can “make [her] a good girl”

    You got the lyrics backwards. It’s “Make a good girl bad”. As in, he loves the idea of a good girl letting go and being “bad” with him.

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