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Yeah, what you critics said would never happen
We dedicate this album to anybody people said couldn’t make it
To the fans that held us down ’til everybody came around
Welcome, it’s here!

Last summer we took threes across the board
But by fall, we were a cover story, “Now in stores”
Make us poster boys for your scene
But we are not making an acceptance speech
I found the safest place to keep all our old mistakes
Every dot com’s refreshing for a journal update

So long live the car crash hearts
Cry on the couch and all the poets come to life
Fix me in forty-five
So long live the car crash hearts
Cry on the couch and all the poets come to life
Fix me in forty-five

I can take your problems away with a nod and a wave…
Of my hand, ’cause that’s just the kind of boy that I am
The only thing I haven’t done yet is die
And it’s me and my plus one at the afterlife
Crowds are won and lost and won again
But our hearts beat for the diehards

So long live the car crash hearts
Cry on the couch and all the poets come to life
Fix me in forty-five
So long live the car crash hearts
Cry on the couch and all the poets come to life
Fix me in forty-five

Long live the car crash hearts
(Long live the car crash hearts)
Long live the car crash hearts
(Long live the car crash hearts)

Long live the car crash hearts
Cry on the couch and all the poets come to life
Fix me in forty-five

Hehe, woo!
Young! F-O-B
Let’s go

Full Lyrics

Fall Out Boy’s ‘Thriller,’ the opening track of their 2007 album ‘Infinity on High’, is less about Michael Jackson’s moonwalk and more about a defiant moonshot into an ambitious musical stratosphere. A fiery overture to the band’s then newly-cemented stardom, ‘Thriller’ encapsulates the essence of a journey – from underdogs to chart-toppers, articulating a timeless narrative about beating the odds, loyalty, and ultimately, triumph.

In a confluence of emotionally charged lyrics and aggressive pop-punk melodies, ‘Thriller’ offers listeners an introspective look at Fall Out Boy’s voyage through the eyes of its own members. The song serves as a rallying cry for both the band and their fanbase, colloquially known as the ‘car crash hearts,’ confirming that passion and perseverance can prevail despite criticism and setbacks.

Embracing the Outsider’s Triumph

The opening lines of ‘Thriller’ set a confrontational tone, a rebuke to the ‘critics’ who doubted the band’s potential. This is an ode to resilience, striking a chord with any dreamer who’s been told they ‘couldn’t make it.’ It’s a thank-you note written in lightning-bold strokes to the fans, crediting them for their unwavering support before mainstream recognition kicked in – all encapsulated in a potent welcome to the album that defied the odds.

In this bittersweet victory lap, Fall Out Boy acknowledges their rise to fame (‘we were a cover story,

Diary of a Generation: The Social Media Confessional

The digital era’s influence over personal expression unravels as the lyrics delve into all our ‘old mistakes.’ The reference to ‘dot com’s refreshing for a journal update’ is a biting commentary on the way we curate our lives online. Beyond clever wordplay, there’s an astute observation about the transient nature of fame in the internet age, where reputations can be built and dismantled with each refresh cycle – a prescient insight considering the ubiquity of social media today.

Furthermore, it encapsulates the period’s burgeoning blogosphere, where anyone and everyone could share their thoughts with the world. For Fall Out Boy, who emerged from the crucible of this digital revolution, it is an introspective acknowledgment that while their failures are public, they are also what make them human and relatable.

The Hidden Meaning Behind ‘Car Crash Hearts’

The recurring lyrics ‘So long live the car crash hearts’ evoke a sense of romantic nostalgia for imperfection and pain. These ‘car crash hearts’ are the band’s core fanbase – diehard and unapologetic in their adoration. It is a metaphor for the tumultuous nature of passionate fandom, where love and fervor crash together in a beautiful disaster. The song pays homage to these loyal enthusiasts who find beauty within the chaos and solace in the music during their moments of despair.

In this way, ‘Thriller’ becomes an anthem for the diehards, an acknowledgment that their hearts beat in unison with the band’s. This collective identity is fortified with the drive to move on from heartache, to cry out and be fixed, to endure and ultimately emerge victorious. The repeated cry for ‘Fix me in forty-five’ may allude to the idea of using music as a salve, referencing the length of a vinyl single or potentially, encapsulating the duration of a brief yet intense moment of healing.

The Poetic Elegance of the Afterlife Imagery

The lyrics weave a tapestry that extends beyond life into the afterlife (‘And it’s me and my plus one at the afterlife’). Here, the song suggests a commitment that transcends the realm of the living, as if the bond between the band and their following holds the power to outlast even death itself. This narrative imbues the music with a sense of eternity, implying that what they’ve created, the memories and the melodies, will resonate forever.

Moreover, as they mention the ‘crowds are won and lost and won again,’ this suggests the ever-fluctuating nature of popularity and public opinion. But within these ebbs and flows, it’s the ‘diehards,’ the true believers, who remain consistent, their dedication unwavering. The virtuous cycle of victory, loss, and conquest speaks to the band’s tumultuous journey and their faith in the eternal power of their musical legacy.

Memorable Lyrical Moments that Hit Home

The opening monologue is more than just an introduction; it’s an evocation of Fall Out Boy’s odyssey and the fans who walked it with them. These phrases serve as striking reminders of the band’s story, their challenges, and their eventual success. Through these words, ‘Thriller’ creates a collective memory that vivifies each time the track is played, a monument to the blending of triumph and trial.

As ‘Thriller’ progresses, the articulation of survival (‘The only thing I haven’t done yet is die’) taps into a universal perseverance that resonates across different walks of life. It’s a defiant battle cry, implicitly expressing that despite all trials, the ultimate victory is staying alive and continuing to fight – a message that amplifies the song’s significance and ensures its enduring appeal.

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